Al-Haseeb meaning

Al-Haseeb meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Haseeb who takes account of all deeds and actions. He is the one who is sufficient and does not need any witness. He is the one who keeps record of all actions. 

Al-Haseeb meaning in English: 

  • The one who is reckoner
  • The one who suffices
  • The one who is sufficient
  • The one who takes account of all actions
  • The one who notices everything
  • The one who is necessary in every situation
  • The one who is bringer to account
  • The one who doesn’t need any witness
  • The one who is the preserver
  • The one who doesn’t need any calculation
  • The one who takes care of His pious slaves
  • The one who knows deeds, their life span, affairs and numbers
  • The one who is the accountant
  • The one who is the bringer of judgement

The sufficient one, the accountant: 

Allah is Al-Haseeb who is the one who is sufficient to all. He is that which is sufficient to His believers, His slaves and servants. He is the one that gives everything that is sufficient and necessary in every situation. He is sufficient, He takes care of His slaves, giving them peace or benefit and warding them off harm. Al-Haseeb gives more special care to His pious servants that are having true faith in Him, He will bless them more, give them support and victory. He is sufficient for us. A Person that follows Our prophet(PBUH) and also Al-Haseeb then He will give them more care and benefit them. 

Al-Haseeb is the one who is the accountant, the one who doesn’t need any calculation. He is the one who takes account of everything and there is  nothing that is unnoticed by Him. He knows all about fraction and measurement. People came to know through calculation, but He doesn’t need any calculation. Al-Haseeb’s knowledge is not dependent upon procedures, but the one who is counting, firstly knows things then knows the total after counting. Nothing is hidden from Him and He knows everything. Al-Haseeb is the one who takes account of all actions, deeds and intentions of His creation. It tells us that He is fully aware of single details, whether apparent and hidden.

How can you live by the name Al-Haseeb? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Haseeb, on three occasions in the Quran. Remember yourself about your sin, about hisaab of yours that will be taken on the day of judgement. 

Repent within six hours to Al-Haseeb: When you are taking yourself for account the consequence of it is that you repent. But you can’t repent when you don’t realize that you are doing something wrong or committing a sin. So work on you and remind yourself that you’re going to repent towards Al-Haseeb. The scribe on the left delays registering or putting down the sin of Muslim for six hours. It is the sign that Al-Haseeb gives you a chance or opportunity of six hours. So if you realize your wrong deed then stop doing this. When you are on the way to commit sin then remember yourself that your lord is Al-Haseeb who has hisaab of everything. 

Be honest in your dealings: When you have a deal with people and they don’t find you honest then this means that you are not honest in your dealings. So keep yourself honest in dealing with others because your lord is recording all your actions. He will add it to your account. So be honest at your work, at school, even at your home when you are dividing anything amongst your family. 

Return the greeting of salam: When two people meet and say salam to each other, AlHaseeb even accounts that salam. So when you are greeted with a greeting then greet better then it or either return it same. So if a Muslim greeted you, return it better or either return the same.

Ask-Al-Haseeb: High your aim when you ask your lord about anything. Don’t ask Him for paradise but ask Him for the higher rank in Paradise. So when you askHim with pure heart and with strong belief then He will definitely reward you without reckoning.   

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