Al-Haqq meaning

Al-Haqq meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Haqq who is the one embodiment of truth and reality. He is a true lord who has the right to be worshipped. He is the one absolute truth. 

Al-Haqq meaning in English: 

  • The one absolute truth
  • The one who is real
  • The one who is the embodiment of truth
  • The one who is the reality
  • The one who is true and sole lord
  • The one who has all rights to be worshipped
  • The one whose essence is unavoidable and unchangeable
  • The one who is truly existing
  • The one who reveals justice
  • The one whose actions and promises are true
  • The one who is correct and just
  • The one to be proper
  • The one who is well established as a fact
  • The one who has wisdom 
  • The one to whom we ask for all our needs

The one absolute truth, the just and correct: 

Allah is Al-Haqq who is the one absolute truth. He is the reality, or the embodiment of truth. He is the one who is true and also truly existing. All His words are truth, meeting with Him is truth, all His Messengers are truth, His books and religion is truth. Al-Haqq means the truth without any doubt and uncertainty. There is no doubt in His essence, in His name, nor in His attributes. He is all true, His speech is truth, His religion is truth, His rules are truth, worshipping Him is truth. He originates and creates everything by His great wisdom and generosity. Every last bit of truth is present in any action and statement, the power of every statement and actions all originate from Allah Al-Haqq. His will is truth, what He wills it happens and what He doesn’t will doesn’t happen.  

Al-Haqq is the one who is just and correct in His attributes and qualities. He does all His work accurately and justly. He distributes His blessings upon His creation equally and justly. His power, blessings and bounties are spread equally among all His creation and His universe. He is correct or true in all His attributes and qualities. All His promises are true and fulfil all His promises. 

How can you live by the name Al-Haqq? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Haqq, on nine occasions in the Quran. Follow the rules of Al-Haqq. Be true in your actions and speech. Seek truth in every action and deed. 

Advise others to speak the truth: Always speak the truth and always be honest in your dealing. Al-Haqq gives us a golden advice to us to be just or honest in all our daily life affairs. When you follow this advice of your lord, then you will be able to advise it to others. Advise others to speak truth and be honest in all your daily affairs. Think about being truthful and honest in all your dealings and deal with them justly and fairly. 

Be truthful: Being truthful doesn’t only mean to speak truth. But it also means to be honest in your actions and deeds. Seek honesty in everything, this means that you never hide the truth, even if it is against your personal interests. Don’t mix truth with falsehood and raise truth in all situations. 

Recall His promise in the times of need: When you are in a difficult situation, and don’t find any path anywhere then call your lord. Recall all His promises at the time of hardships and problems. Al-Haqq has promised you that He may help you at the time of hardship and difficulty. So seek His help with strong faith and belief. 

Ask Al-Haqq: Knowing the truth is not just important, but acting upon it is important and necessary. So when you have knowledge about anything, act upon it and be truthful in every situation. Ask your lord that Al-Haqq helps you and always have His blessings on you

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