Al-Haleem meaning

Al-Haleem meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Haleem who is the one who forgives everyone. He is the one who may delay the punishment of those who deserve it, He may forgive them. 

Al-Haleem meaning in English: 

  • The one who is forbearing
  • The clement one
  • The one who is all magnanimous
  • The one who is the forgiver
  • The one who delays the punishment 
  • The one who is most serene
  • The one most kind and gentle
  • The one who tolerates
  • The one who is ever calm and deliberate
  • The one who is the giver of opportunity
  • The one who grants respite
  • The one who bestows blessings
  • The calm abiding

The one most forbearing, the most kind and gentle: 

Allah is Al-Haleem who is the most forbearing, who does not immediately punish His servants but delay their punishment, He may forgive them. He is the one who forgives all the sins of His creation. He gives opportunities to His creation so that they may take the right path and obey His rules. He is the one who knows all our deeds, sins, mistakes or faults and gives respite to us until we may turn to Him. He is the one who encourages His servants to do good deeds and also to turn back to Him. 

He is the one who bestows all His blessings on His creation and also forgives them when they commit a sin. He is the most kind and gentle and always grants us all the things we need. He gives us blessings that some are seen by us but many of His blessings are hidden that we don’t see but they benefit us. He is the most merciful that shows us His mercy by forgiving us and also by giving us all the things and blessings we need for our lives. 

How can you live by the name Al-Haleem? 

Allah called Himself Al-Haleem, eleven times in the Quran. If you want to be like Al-Haleem then forgive others. 

Be forbearing to others: If you want to be like Al-Haleem then always be forbearing. Try to bear the things that you never like to do. When to bear things, gossip then Al-Haleem will bless you with His blessings. Many people lose their relatives, friends etc by having bad quality anger. When you are angry then don’t shout at others. When you are in a position to show your anger, then remember Al-Haleem that He likes the one forbearing. The Prophet (PBUH) said: Allah loves your two qualities forbearance and steadiness. 

Don’t take advantage of the hilm of Allah: If a garden is inherited to someone but He never the poor by this then Allah will punish Him. If Allah will not punish you in this world or immediately then let you know that He will punish you in the hereafter. When He punishes in the hereafter then punishment is worse then this punishment. So never take advantage of the hilm of Allah. Because He may question you at the day of judgement and at that day will be answerless and don’t have any answer to give Him. 

Show a good example to a sinful person: When you are doing good deeds then never be arrogant in front of a sinful person. Advice him kindly or gently. When you give him advice then think that maybe one day he will become dearer or closer to Allah and also become a way of your forgiveness. 

Be grateful to the hilm of Allah: When someone is grateful to you in any matter or overlooks your faults and mistakes, then remember that your lord is all Al-Haleem who is most forbearing and most gentle. So be grateful to Him for His Hilm. The way to thank Him is to become forbearing and forgiving

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