Al-Hakeem meaning

Al-Hakeem meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Hakeem who is all-wise. He is wise in His attributes. He is the one most judicious and judge of all judges. The one never does wrong. 

Al-Hakeem meaning in English: 

  • The one all wise
  • The one who is correct in His doing
  • The one who never does wrong
  • The one who is most judicious
  • The one who has the ability to determine right
  • The one free from error 
  • The one who is the judge of all judges
  • The one who is always perfect and accurate
  • The one who is only qualified to judge the worth of all things
  • The one who is fully wise in everything He decrees
  • The one who is only full of wisdom
  • The one who never creates anything in vain
  • The one who does everything in most appropriate form
  • The one ultimate ruler

The one full of wisdom, the ultimate ruler:

Allah is Al-Hakeem who is the most wide in His wisdom. He is the one who is full of wisdom and all-wise in everything. He creates everything with His wisdom and He never creates anything in vain. He creates everything for a purpose and for the benefit of His creation. He is the one that possesses the ability to determine right and wrong, and also has the ability to make everything right. He is free from all errors and misunderstandings and creates everything rightly and truly. He is the one whose wisdom is perfect and He does everything in the most appropriate way, in the best place and time. His designs are perfect and accurate in nature.

Al-Hakeem is the one ultimate ruler that rules the whole universe. He is the ruler that judges everything justly. He legislates rules to turn mankind from wrongdoing. He sets His rules only to benefit us. He is the one who does His work perfectly and truly as He knows how to calculate, measure or design everything accurately. He is the one who is qualified to judge the worth of everything. 

How can you live by the name Al-Hakeem? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Hakeem, on 33 occasions in the Quran. Be wise and apply hikmah in dealing with others and while speaking with others use the wisdom of your’s given by your lord. 

Stick to the laws of Al-Hakeem: Al-Hakeem sets the rules for the sake of goodness of His creation and to give them benefit, Nor for the creation of hardships and problems. In other words His rules are perfect for His creation. He creates them and sets them by saying that they follow my rules. When you follow His rules as He sets them you will succeed and never get any problem regarding anything. When we don’t understand His rulings, then we should not blame His rules because they are set for the goodness of us and nor for creation of hardships. 

Trust in Al-Hakeem: If Al-Hakeem gives you something but after sometime takes it from you, then always trust Him that He does it with His wisdom and it is good for you. When you have strong faith in Al-Hakeem then everything makes you happy and peaceful. You think that He did this with His wisdom and it will be better for me. Look back in your past to how Al-Hakeem sets things according to His wisdom. 

Make the book of Al-Hakeem your companion: Take wisdom from the knowledge of Al-Hakeem. He gives you His holy book which is full of wisdom and knowledge. One who knows its worth should read it daily and take knowledge of your lord from here. Make it your close companion, recite it daily and then it will give the answers of all your questions. You will get to know the wisdom and knowledge of Al-Hakeem by reciting this book.

Use Hikmah in your dealings: Use the blessings of your lord with wisdom for the sake of pleasure and joy. When He grants you His Hikmah then use it in your dealings. Hikmah is very important to live a healthy, peaceful life. If He grants you wealth then use it in the proper way, for the benefits of others, to help others and many others. 

Ask Al-Hakeem: When you are stuck in a problem or somewhere that you have to decide something, then ask Al-Hakeem to grant you wisdom and senses to understand the situation and also to sought out any solution to it. 

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