Al-Hakam meaning

Al-Hakam meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Hakam who is the best of judges. He is the giver of justice and always spreads equality among all His creations.

Al-Hakam meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the best of judges
  • The one who is the giver of justice
  • The arbitrator
  • The impartial judge
  • The one who delivers equality
  • The one who never do mistake
  • The one who do all the final decisions
  • The one who resolve all disputes
  • The one who always be fair in judging
  • The one who never wrongs anyone
  • The one who prohibits the misconduct of individuals
  • The one who know the difference between true and falsehood
  • The one whose permission is needed for everything 
  • The one absolutely correct decision maker

The judge, the giver of justice: 

Al-Hakam is the best of all judges. He is the one who judges everything correctly and truly. Al-Hakam is the best judge, He knows all the worldly affairs of all His creation and knows how to deal with them. Al-Hakam is the one who instructs us to do several things and prohibits us from doing others. He is the only one who has command over the whole universe or all His creation and judges all their deeds. 

Al-Hakam has judgement about everything and applies His judgement fully. Nothing can take place without His permission, there is no power that delays His decree. He distinguishes between true or false, good or bad; if it were not for the indication of this name of Allah almighty, then we will not be able to know the difference between true or wrong, we would never know what is good or what is bad. 

He delivers justice in every situation, and never is unfair to any one. He never makes mistakes in every situation. He set perfect rules to protect the rights of all. When someone turns to islam then Al-Hakam forgives His previous sins. Converting to islam removes all the previous sins. He is the giver of justice who distinguishes between the actions of righteous and of sinning.

How can you live by the name Al-Hakam? 

On one occasion in the Quran Allah’s name Al-Hakam occurs. He called Himself Al-Hakam because He is dominant over everything.

Be motivated to do good deeds: Always be motivated to do good deeds, use your free time, your health, wealth, even everything to do good actions. When you do a good deed Allah gives you a benefit of ten times. He is the best giver of justice that He never punishes you more for the sin you commit but give you more benefit when you do good deeds. He is the ultimate judge that never punishes you for the sin of another.

Have trust in Al-Hakam: When you are not getting justice from man, don’t uncomfort yourself. Because Al-Hakam is the one who is here for the fair justice among all His creation, He is the best judge. He judges everyone and at last does justice among the wrong and the right one. As Al-Hakam says, stay steadfast and stay on the right path, Because He is the real judge that judges all at the end and does justice. 

Always be fair in judging others: Whenever Allah grants you the position to do judgement between two parties then do equality and justice among them. Judging is Al-Hakam’s ability so if He granted you this ability then keep in mind justice of your lord. Never be unfair to anyone because you have to answer this in front of your lord at the day of judgement. 

Ask Al-Hakam for guidance and protection: Ask Al-Hakam for your guidance in every matter of your life. Guidance for doing justice among people of two parties. Ask Him for your protection from the hands of injustice and unfairness. These are very precious duas then ask your lord for these. 

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