Al-Hafeedh meaning

Al-Hafeedh meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Hafeedh who is the guardian or the protector of the whole universe or everything. He protects all His creations and gives them security. 

Al-Hafeedh meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the preserver
  • The guarding one
  • The one who is the protector
  • The one who preserves what He has created
  • The one who is the protector of the holy Quran
  • The one who safeguards the Quran from any changes
  • The one who is all heedful
  • The one who is the guardian
  • The one who gives security 
  • The one guards from doing evil deeds
  • The one who takes care
  • The one who retains
  • The one who has guardianship over all things
  • The one who helps or guides

The protector, the one who preserves: 

Allah is Al-Hafeedh who is the protector or the guardian of everything. He is the one who protects or guards His creation from evil things. No one except Him can give protection and security to anyone. He is the giver of security and takes care of His creation. Not only He protects His creation but He may safeguard His holy book from any changes. He takes care of it and keeps it remaining the same as He sends it down for His believers. He protects His servants from not following the evil or shytaan. He will protect the knowledge of others and protect it from bad things. 

Al-Hafeedh is the one who is the preserver that preserves all He has created. He preserves all His creation and remembers all that has ever been and that is. Al-Hafeedh is the ultimate preserver who preserves His creation and the whole universe. He preserves us from slipping into a mistake and any bad deed that will harm them. He preserves from any harm and evil deed. The one who has the preservation of the knowledge overall what is known. There is nothing that is hidden from Him and He preserves all by His knowledge and wisdom. 

How can you live by the name Al-Hafeedh? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Hafeedh, on three occasions in the Quran. If you want to receive special protection from Al-Hafeedh then follow the instructions set by Him, do your best to guard His commands by fulfilling them. 

Be motivated by Al-Hafeedh: Al-Hafeedh knows everything you do by His knowledge. He set His angels with us that write about everything that we do. These angels record all our deeds,even a small deed and keep our record safe. Then at the day of judgement He opens all our records and then gives us punishment or gives us reward.  He will preserve our record and also appreciate it. When you know this you will really be a slave of Al-Hafeedh and not of people.

Purify your heart: Think that you talk bad about some because you dislike them. Al-Hafeedh will never forget what you did, He preserves this knowledge and after sometime you will be put in the same situation where you are innocent . But someone talks bad about you. All this happens to recall you and repent on what you had done with someone else. Al-Hafeeh has given you this, because He wants you to recall because this knowledge is preserved whereas you may forget. 

Remember people: One of the attributes of believers is that they are mindful and attentive to others. For example you met someone and you lent her your pen and after so many years when you two met she remembers this, then it will make you happy. So always be attentive to people and never forget their good deeds that they have done for you or never forget their help. 

Fear Al-Hafeedh: Al-Hafeedh is the one who preserves knowledge of everything. So when you are on the way to do something wrong and any sin then remember that Al-Hafeedh is watching you. He sets His angels with you that write all your bad or good deeds and then it is preserved. So keep yourself away from bad deeds and hence you will be protected by your lord. Don’t do a bad deed by considering it as a small bad deed, because it will also harm you or may be more than any large deed. 

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