Al-Ghaniyy meaning

Al-Ghaniyy meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Ghaniyy who is self-sufficient and wealthy. He does not need anyone and anything, He is completely perfect. He is an independent lord who is completely satisfied. 

Al-Ghaniyy meaning in English: 

  • The self-sufficient
  • The one who is independent
  • The one wealthy
  • The one who is enriched
  • The one doesn’t need anything
  • The one who is satisfied completely
  • The one who doesn’t depend on others
  • The one which others depend
  • The one free from dependence
  • The one which whole creation depends
  • The one who is rich
  • The one who is needed by anyone
  • The one free from all wants
  • The one most forbearing
  • The one who covers the faults
  • The one who is perfect 
  • The one who shows benevolence to His creation
  • One who transcends all needs
  • The one who is flourished

The one independent, the self-sufficient and wealthy:

Allah is Al-Ghaniyy who is the one independent. He is free from dependence. He is the one lord who created this whole universe and everything and anyone depends on Him. Everyone depends on Him for everything and needs Him. He doesn’t need anyone but everyone needs Him. He is sufficient for everyone lonely and there will be no need of anyone in spite of Him. He is completely satisfied and does not need anyone. All His creation stands in need of Him. He is perfect in everything and anything and everyone needs Him at all times. 

He is the one self-sufficient and the wealthy one. He is enriched with many of His attributes. He is all wealthy in giving or granting blessings to His creation. His wealth is sufficient for all His creation and He nourishes or feeds all His creation. All of His creation depends on Him for wealth, for everything. He is free from all wants and also He is the most forbearing. He shows mercy and also benevolence to His creation and also keeps them away from all types of harm and problems. He needs none while everyone needs Him always. 

How can you live by the name Al-Ghaniyy? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Ghaniyy, on eighteen occasions in the Quran. Try to be content with whatever Al-Ghaniyy decrees for you. Never depend on others at the time of need, but ask Al-Ghaniyy for all help. 

Give of what you love: When Allah has granted you with His wealth, then give it to others in the form of charity. But charity must be from halal rizq and also give others what you like for yourself and for your loved ones. When you find someone poor, then help them from your wealth which is given to you by your lord. Use your lord’s blessings for surviving others, in this way He may grant you more than you have. Never give others the things you don’t like and give that you like for yourself or for your belongings. 

Don’t beg and ask from others when there is no need: When you are in need of any help then only ask help from your lord and none from others. Never ask others just to increase your wealth. Never be a burden for your other Muslim brothers nor be lazy and inactive. Do your work by yourself and then ask only your lord. Only ask your lord and then He will surely help you and grant you with everything. 

Thanks Al-Ghaniyy: When you gain wealth in any way, from your promotion, from financial gain and many other ways, firstly do one thing to thank Al-Ghaniyy. Thank your lord because He has granted you everything more than you deserve or you think. Ask Him to aid you to use this wealth in a good way and also in His path to help His needy or poor people. Ask Him to use it wisely and also make it the source of barakah for you. 

Don’t let wealth distract you: No matter how rich you are or how much wealth you have and how beautiful or good looking you are. But always remind yourself of the real owner of all this wealth and everything. Never be arrogant that you have wealth and you are rich, because all this is your lord’s grantings and if He wants He may take this off from you. So use your money, position and wealth to please your lord only.

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