Al-Ghafoor meaning

Al-Ghafoor meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Ghafoor who is completely forgiving. He forgives all our faults and sins. He is the one who is compassionate. 

Al-Ghafoor meaning in English: 

  • The forgiving
  • The all-forgiving
  • The one who is exceedingly forgiving
  • The one whose forgiveness is unlimited
  • The one who is most high
  • The one who is all compassionate
  • The one who forgives all our sins and faults
  • The one who is the perfection of forgiveness
  • The one who is the pardoner
  • The one who covers and protects
  • The one who forgives beyond expectations
  • The one who accepts repentance
  • The one who is most merciful 

The perfect forgiver, the one who covers and protects: 

Allah Al-Ghafoor is the one who is the perfect forgiving. He is the one that forgives the sins and faults of ours. There is no one except Him that is perfectly forgiving. It doesn’t matter how much the sin is large, If He wills He will forgive over and over again. He is the one that shows the right path to His servants when they do something bad, tell them that they are not on the right path. He is the giver of opportunity so that they may know the right path and follow it also. If He punishes His servants immediately then they don’t know anything about the right path and also not gain right information. So He forgives His servants that they know in return that they are on the wrong path and they must mend their way towards Al-Ghafoor. 

He is the one that not only forgives but also covers the faults or sins of His servant. He doesn’t want their servants to be embarrassed in front of anyone and also that they leave doing practice. He is the one protector that protects His servants from any bad thing or from evil eye. He protects His servants from the consequences of their own actions and deeds. He is the one who always takes care of His servants in all ways.

How can you live by the name Al-Ghafoor? 

Allah called Himself Al-Ghafoor, 91 times in the Quran. Adopt the habit of forgiving and also covering others’ mistakes and faults to the extent you can. 

Cover the faults of others: The prophet(PBUH) says that: Allah will cover your faults and sins on the day of judgement if you cover the faults or mistakes of others. Allah is Al-Ghafoor who forgives us but He says that you may forgive others when they sin and commit any mistake. Forgiving is the best quality that Allah loves. He wants to develop this quality in His servants so that they take care of each other and don’t think others are bad. He forgives our sins and doesn’t publicise it, so you have to forgive others for the sake of Al-Ghafoor. 

Call upon Al-Ghafoor: When you are doing wrong to others or even to yourself,then call upon Al-Ghafoor. Don’t think that the sin is large or small, but think about the mercy of your lord. When you ask Him for maghfirah, then never give up asking. When you continuously ask Him, then ask Him with strong faith and think about His mercy and greatness

Never despair: The one who is the true believer, then he never despairs. We don’t despair in the help of Al-Ghafoor and we never despair in the mercy or kindness of Allah. As we are human and humans commit sins then in this way we should not despair but turn to Al-Ghafoor for forgiveness. If we have true faith in Him then no one can decline us and hence our lord grant us what we want. 

Train yourself for forgiving: Keep in your mind the habit of Al-Ghafoor. His habit is forgiving, so adopt His habit of forgiveness and then keep yourself on it. Always try to sleep with a clean heart because we never know whether we awake in the morning or not. So adopt the habit of forgiving because when you forgive others then Al-Ghafoor in return forgives you and also covers your faults. 

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