Al-Ghaffar meaning

Al-Ghaffar meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Ghaffar who is the most forgiver, as He knows all our sins and our disobedience but He always forgives us and gives us another chance to improve ourselves. Al-Ghaffar is the only one who knows our faults and forgives us.

Al-Ghaffar meaning in English:

  • The one who is the great forgiver
  • The one who is ever forgiving
  • The one who knows all our sins
  • The one who always protect His creation in any situation
  • The one who change our wrong deeds into good deeds
  •  The one who protect us from evil things
  • The one who save us from the effect of our mistakes
  • The one who shows never ending compassion
  • The one who loves to forgive His creation
  • The one who veils our bad deeds

The most forgiving, The one who hides our mistakes:

Allah is Al-Ghaffar who always forgives His creation, as He sees our all sins and bad deeds but He forgives all those sins when His believers come to Him for forgiveness and mercy of their lord. Then Al-Ghaffar will always forgive His creation and He is the most forgiving and the most concerned to His creation.

Al-Ghaffar is the one who changes our bad deeds into good deeds and sets us free from the guilt of our sins and gives us inner peace and calm. He is the one who hides His believers’ sins and does not show them to others. He always gives protection to His creation in every situation and makes them feel secure in every situation and every condition. He always gives the chance to His believers to turn back to Him at any time and He will forgive them.

How can you live by the name Al-Ghaffar?

Allah called Himself Al-Ghaffar 91 times in the Quran. The most forgiver and also the great forgiving, who always forgive His creation at any time.

Forgive others to be forgiven: When someone hurts you in any way, intentionally or unintentionally and then they want you to forgive them, then always try to forgive others. Because your lord is the most merciful and the most forgiver, as He forgives you for unlimited times then why not you forgive others for their mistakes. When you want to be forgiven by your lord then also make sure to forgive others.

Don’t hunt for other people’s mistakes: Always cover the mistakes of others and never highlight their faults in front of others. Always highlight others good deeds and hide bad deeds, because when you hide others bad deeds Al-Ghaffar will also hide your sins or mistakes and also give you blessings on your good deeds.

Seek forgiveness to increase your blessings: When you seek your lord’s forgiveness then firstly He forgives you and then secondly also shows His unlimited blessings on you and bless you with His blessings and mercies. With forgiveness Al-Ghaffar also showers His blessings and more protection to His believers and all His creations. So when you want something increase in seeking forgiveness and Al-Ghaffar will always bless with more and more. He will bless you with more wealth, good health or many others.

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