Al-Fattah meaning

Al-Fattah meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Fattah who is the opener and the granter of victory. He is the judge of the whole universe who is the best judge and has the key to success and victory. 

Al-Fattah meaning in English:

  • The one who is the opener
  • The one who is the revealer
  • He is one of the solver
  • The one who is the judge
  • The one who opens the doors of mercy
  • The one who is the granter of success
  • The one who holds the key to victory
  • The one who gives profit
  • The one who gives sustenance to His slaves
  • The one who makes everything clear
  • The one who makes everything possible
  • The one who is the decider

The solver, The granter of success:

Allah is Al-Fattah who is the one who grants success and victory to His creation in every field. Allah grants us success because He is the only one who gives success to His creation in any way and makes them a successful person.

When we put our effort into something to achieve it, then Al-Fattah will open the door of success and make us reach our destination or meet our dreams. When we are stuck in a problem or difficulty, then Allah will make us come out of the problem and make everything possible for us. He gives everyone success but on the fixed time, when it is written in our fate to achieve it.

He is the solver who knows the solution of every problem, indeed and solves every difficulty and grants them with a huge victory. He is the one who opens the door of solutions to every problem and makes them easy for His creation.

How can you live by the name Al-Fattah?

In the Quran, this root appears 38 times in eight derived forms. Al-Fattah opens the doors of solutions to every problem.

Trust in Al-Fattah: Life is full of problems and difficulties, people do wrong actions, abuse others and claim to be right. But trust in Al-Fattah who is the judge and He is the one who knows everything. People may abuse you and accuse you falsely, but always believe in your judge who knows you, He will make every decision right for you. If you are right then don’t be afraid of others and be on the right path.

Believe that Al-Fattah can open all the doors: Always believe that Al-Fattah can open all the doors of mercy and kindness for us. If you are a true believer you believe that everything happening is under divine control and He is the only one controller of everything. Never lose your hope nor despair. Believe that Al-Fattah can open all the doors for you. 

Be sincere: The best opening is the opening of your heart. If Al-Fattah wills then He will open our hearts and make us sincere to Him. Some people say: I read the Quran but did not understand a word of it, but after some time when they used to study it they understand its words, its meaning. They seek their answers, memorize them. All this is because they are sincere to Al-Fattah and He has opened their hearts. Work hard and be sincere to Al-Fattah so that He may open the gate of knowledge and goodness to you in this life.

Ask Al-Fattah: When some gates in your life are closed and you want them to be open then ask Al-Fattah to open the doors and make them easy for you. Start every work with the name of Al-Fattah and ask Him for help and success.When you are not feeling well in anything and want help then ask Him only, He is the only one who gives you help and grants you success. 

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