Al-Basit meaning

Al-Basit meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Basit who is the extender or enlarger who extends everything. He expands our heart and mind with His divine love.

Al-Basit meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the enlarger
  • The one who is the extender
  • The munificent
  • The one who expands everything
  • The one who gives sustenance in His mercy
  • The one who amplifies all abundance
  • The one who expands what is good
  • The one who fills heart with His glory
  • The one widens everything for His creation
  • The one who is powerful and majestic in all sense

The enlarger, the expander of good: 

Allah is Al-Basit who is the all enlarger who enlarges or extends everything that is good for His creation. He enlarges all His gates of mercy and generosity for His creation. He opens the gates of all His blessings for the people in the universe so that they may achieve His blessings. He is the only one who grants us success and gives us victory in every field of our lives. He gives the peace of mind and heart to the one who wants from Him.

Al-Basit is the expander of all good, He expands good for His people as much as they want. He may open their hearts and also expand them with His divine love and make them enlighten with His knowledge. Al-Basit always does good for His people and wants them to have guidance of His religion to His people and then expand their heart with His love. 

How can you live by the name Al-Basit? 

Al-Basit is Allah who is the one who amplifies all His abundance and power. He is the most powerful lord who has all powers.

Ease after hardships: After hardships there is always ease in your life because it is our lord’s promise that: after every hardship there is an ease. So Al-Basit always gives you ease in your life and makes you have a more bearable personality. After this Al-Basit will definitely give you reward and bless you with His unlimited blessings.  

Reflect on life: When you are free then think about your life and how Al-Basit gives you life how your life was discovered. He infuses the soul into our bodies and gives us life. He gives us life so that we may have some dreams to fulfil or achieve and make them possible in our lives. 

Try to expand others heart: Always try to be a source of expansion of others heart and make them wide by your struggle. Be a source to relief others or make them comfortable. Expand others hearts by reminding them of their lord’s blessings that He will definitely reward you.

Dua to Al-Basit: Always ask your lord about the expanding of your heart at any situation and at any moment. Make a dua that He will always expand your heart and also opens His gates of blessings on you.

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