Al-Baseer meaning

Al-Baseer meaning or expalantion in English

Allah is Al-Baseer who is all seeing that sees everything. Nothing is hidden from Him, He is all knower.

Al-Baseer meaning in English: 

  • The all seeing
  • The one from nothing can be hidden
  • The one who saw everything
  • The one who is the watcher
  • The one watches everyone
  • The one who is all knower
  • The one who seeing is perfect and complete
  • The one whose eyes are open to all
  • The one who is watching all our actions
  • The one from which nothing can be concealed
  • The one who is the witness of everything
  • The one who sees whole of His universe 
  • The one watches all our deeds

The all seeing, the knower of all secrets: 

Allah is Al-Baseer who is the one who sees everything. Nothing is invisible from Him. He saw everything. There is nothing hidden from Allah. He opens His eyes to all, He sees everything on the earth or in heaven. He sees everything from a single particle to the sun, from rocks to galaxies, from the fish from the bottom of the sea to the stars in the sky, He sees everything. As we don’t see our lord, but He sees us or the things surrounding us, so that we call Him in every ease or difficult time. He sees all things that one can’t see or that things that cause damage to others. 

He is the one who knows everything, There is nothing secreted from Him. He knows all the hidden things that no one except Him knows. He watches all the activities done by His creation and then fixes them by His wisdom and power. No one can beat Him in everything, He is perfect in all the things and matters. He knows the solution to every problem and also transfers His knowledge to His creation. He knows the situation of all his creations, even about a small ant to a huge animal.

How can you live by the name Al-Baseer? 

Allah called Himself Al-Baseer as He is the only one who sees or watches everything and anything.

Clean your heart: Al-Baseer sees everything even if it is hidden in our heart. So keep your thoughts good, think good for yourself as well for others. Allah’s all true believers believe that He watches us all the time and also knows all our thoughts that we think and decide to do. So whenever you think about something then remind yourself that there is a power who watches us all the time and who knows our all deeds. 

Do good to others: Allah is Al-Baseer who is the watcher of the whole universe and who watches all our deeds and actions. So when you interact with people your behaviour should be good. When you do good to others then your lord does good with you at all times and you will be pleased by Him. He blesses you more because He watches you to bless others. So do good with people so that they bless you more and more.

Ask Al-Baseer to bless your seeing: Allah Al-Baseer has given you eyes to see and watch everything. He gives you eyes so that you watch everything that happens around you. So always ask your lord to bless your seeing so that you watch good things not bad. He grants you eyes so that you may read His holy book not so that you watch mobiles, dramas, TV etc. Always ask Al-Baseer to grant you power to see only good things. Use your eyes to help others who don’t have or those don’t have the ability to do their work.

Use your eyes to help others: Allah has created His creation in the way that they help each other in difficult times. Helping others is rewarding. Allah has granted us many things by which we can use to help others. Al-Baseer has granted us with eyes so that we can watch everything. When you see a stone on the road, removing a small stone from the path is rewarding. So removing stone is a small deed but it rewards you more. So do things easy for others then Al-Baseer do things easy for you.

Ask Al-Baseer: Do dua for your better seeing and watching from your lord. Always ask Him to grant you better seeing and courage to always do good. 

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