Al-Barr meaning

Al-Barr meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Barr who is the most beneficent one, great benefactor. He is the source of goodness, all pure and the most righteous. 

Al-Barr meaning in English: 

  • The beneficent one
  • The one source of all goodness
  • The one who is all pure
  • The one who is doer of good
  • The one who is the great benefactor
  • The most righteous
  • The one who is ample in kindness
  • The one who desires good for people
  • The one who bestows people with wealth, health and joy
  • The one who is the ever merciful
  • The one who is the most compassionate
  • The one who covers with His sustenance
  • The one who is the most gracious
  • The one most kind and courteous
  • The one giver of bounties
  • The one most honored
  • The exalted one
  • The one most gentle
  • The one who creates His creation in an excellent manner

The most kind and beneficent, the righteous: 

Allah is Al-Barr who is the most kind and the most beneficent. He is the one who is a great benefactor. He benefits His creation and His servants by granting them with His blessings. He showers His blessings on His creation to make them happy. He is the most beneficent, who is kind to His creation. He is the most kind and merciful lord. He shows kindness in every situation on His creations and on His servants. He desires good for all His people and bestows them with good health, wealth and with a lot of joy and happiness. He is the most kind and gracious to His creation. He gives them peace and happiness with His blessings and bounties. He gives favors and grants them with success. 

Al-Barr is the most righteous one. He is the one who guides His people, His servants for the right path. He is the lighthouse of guidance for His servants. He sends His messenger towards His people and then delivers His message through them. He delivers His message of oneness that besides Him there is no lord. He is righteous and then He gives instructions to His servants to walk on the right path. He is the one who is the doer of goodness for everyone. His goodness is not specified for anyone, He showers all His unlimited blessings on everyone. 

How can you live by the name Al-Barr?

Allah calls Himself Al-Barr, on one occasion in the Quran. Have the spirit to do good for others, do every work with good intention. Help others in strengthening their imaan and also thank Al-Barr for all the things He gives you or for your abilities. 

Spend on charity: Al-Barr bestows you with a lot of blessings and bounties. Share your blessings with others for the sake of your lord. Give as much charity in your life as you can. When you spend money in His path, then this is the way to gain al-birr. Spend your money on the families and individuals that are in need of it. 

Keep your promises and speak and act upon the truth: Keep your promises, no matter whether they are small and big. Even when you promise with your siblings to help them in their homework, or other promises with your child, then fulfil all these promises. First think before you promise someone and when you have promised to do then do that. Speak truth in your daily life, in your daily life affairs and also act upon the truth. Don’t lie in any conditions, even while joking. 

Have sabr: When you are at the point where you have some problem, then never be disappointed. Face this problem and hardship with patience. Practice patience in your life by facing hardships. Patience makes you close to your lord or to cultivate al-barr. Your lord may take your test whether you stay on the right path or go astray. So stay on the right path because it is the key to paradise. 

Treat your parents and children well: When you are young and your parents become old then never say a word to them. Treat them as well as they treat you when you are small. Do good treatment with your parents as well with your children. Make an effort to become a good parent for your children and good children for your parents. 

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