Al-Baatin meaning

Al-Baatin meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Baatin who is the hidden and secret. Al-Baatin is the secret inner companion. He is hidden but His existence is shown through His signs.

Al-Baatin meaning in English: 

  • The one who is hidden 
  • The one who is the secret
  • The one who is intimate
  • The inner one
  • The one who is secret inner companion
  • The one who is hidden but His existence is shown through His signs
  • The one knower of the hidden
  • The one who surrounds all things
  • The one who knows the inner states
  • The one who is veiled from creation’s perception
  • The one who cannot be seen in the way the creation can be seen
  • The one who is the knower of all the concealed
  • The one who is unseen in the world
  • The one whose attributes are veiled from the men of understanding
  • The one who is closer to anything
  • The one who is exalted
  • The one who has full knowledge of all things
  • The one who exists without a place

The hidden one, the knower of all things: 

Allah is Al-Baatin(ٱلْبَاطِنُ) who is the hidden and the intimate lord. He is the one unseen in the world, but His existence is known through signs. He is the one secret companion of all His creation. He is hidden, but nothing in the world is hidden from Him and surrounds all things. He is apparently seen in the world by anyone, but His existence is shown through signs. The one who is concealed and hidden. He is a hidden secret of the world. He is unseen and exists without any place. He is not seen in this world. His existence is shown through His signs and also through His creatures. 

Al-Baatin is the knower of the hidden. He is the one who is the knower of all concealed. Nothing is hidden or unknown from His knowledge. He is most wise and perfect in His knowledge. Everything is seen to Him, nothing is hidden or unseen to Him. He is the one knower of all things, He knows every secret. He knows everything whether it is seen to others or not but He can see this. He sets everything with His great knowledge and He is wise in His knowledge. 

How can you live by the name Al-Baatin?

Allah calls Himself Al-Baatin, on one occasion in the Quran. Ask your lord to veil your sins and bad deeds and ask Him to be one able to see Him in paradise. 

Be true inward and outward: While living between people and also in all types of affairs, be true inward as well outward. What you are showing your intentions apparently try to have these intentions inward. Inward means that clean your heart makes it pure. Same for inward as well as for outward. Never be a liar who lies that He is good to others but actually doesn’t think good about others. 

Seek comfort in Al-Baatin: When you are alone, depressed and scared of something then think that Al-Baatin is the one knower of all things even hidden. Trust in Him that He will make everything good and beneficial for you. Think that He knows all your thoughts and your inner states. Talk to Him in prayers and talk to Him about all your problems and troubles. Ask Him to help you, get you out of every problem and mess. Ask Him with strong faith and ask Him always. 

Hide your sins: When a man does a sin at night, then the following morning Allah has concealed His sin, but he says that i have done this last night, then he uncovers the thing Allah has concealed. Try to not do sins openly for the person that doesn’t do sin openly. So when you don’t think it’s bad then everybody will do it openly, because one person from them has done this. So try to hide your sins and ask Him to hide your sins also.

Remember Al-Baatin through His signs: Remember your lord and increase your love for Him by looking at His signs and His creations. Look around you, in your environment. See the moon, sun, earth, animals, plants and many other things in your surroundings. Praise your lord by seeing His creations and also increase your love for Him.  

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