Al-Aziz meaning

Al-Aziz meaning or explanation in English

Allah Almighty is Al-Aziz who is the most strong and powerful. He conquers everything, but is never conquered and never be  hurted. Al-Aziz is the one who overcomes every single thing and is all powerful.

Al-Aziz meaning in English:

  • The all mighty
  • The victorious
  • The most powerful and strong
  • The one who is unique and nothing is like Him
  • The one who overpowers and never be overpowered
  • The most honorable
  • The all majestic
  • The one who is unbeatable
  • The noble
  • The one who is incomparable
  • The one who is invincible
  • The one who has command on anything

The Almighty, The most powerful and victorious:

Al-Aziz is the most powerful in the world. One has to believe in the oneness of Allah, in His existence, in His perfection. This name Al-Aziz is the name only for Allah, because He is unique In His self, nothing is like Him. He is the one who overpowers and is never overpowered and He is the most honorable and powerful who has command on anything. 

 Allah is Aziz. He is victorious over all His creations. Allah’s creation always obey Him and His nature’s rules and never go against His rules because by doing His violation they may be ruined or destroyed and all this is also because of this name Al-Aziz. He is the one with complete mastery over His creation.

How can you live by the name Al-Aziz?

On 92 occasions in the Quran Allah calls Himself Al-Aziz, The all mighty, The most powerful and strong. 

Honor in Islam: Honor does not lie in money, in power, your looks etc but it lies in Islam. By obeying Allah and His Messengers one can get glory and honor and become an honorable man. By obeying Allah’s rules and regulations in life one can get Izzah and seek honor. One can seek his honor in this life of obedience of Allah and Al-Aziz only.

Nothing is hidden from Al-Aziz: Nothing is hidden from Allah’s power and might and no one has the power to hide  secrets from Him. The repetition of Allah’s name Al-Aziz remind us that nothing is hidden from Him and this make us sure that you can never go against His rules and always obey His rules to become honorable in your life.

Seek your power from Al-Aziz: When you seek strength from Allah He will definitely grant you strength because He is the one who is incomparable and unbeatable. No one can beat Him because whatever He wants it can happen. So work for Allah as He will definitely grant you what you want and seek His help in every situation to attain strength and power. When you feel overpowered or weak, turn to Al-Aziz for strength.

Recite the Quran, Al-Aziz: Not only read the Quran but also use it in your daily life affairs. The Quran contains everything you need to succeed in your life, because it is from your creator. So don’t just read the Quran, but also use it in your manual. The Quran also contains the quantities of Al-Aziz, it tells you truly about everything, about your daily life affairs, about the world, about the day of judgement etc.



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