Al-Azeem meaning

Al-Azeem meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Azeem who is the magnificent one. He is all mighty and great who is superior to all. Glory and purification belongs to Him. 

Al-Azeem meaning in English:

  • The magnificent one
  • The one who is greatest
  • The tremendous one
  • The all mighty
  • The one who has supreme glory
  • The one who has the attributes of exaltment
  • The one who is pure
  • The one free from imperfection
  • The one who is majestic
  • The one who is supreme
  • The one who is most high
  • The one who is perfect in His attributes
  • The one who is incomparable
  • The one who is omnipotent

The greatest one, the one free from imperfection:

Allah is Al-Azeem who is the greatest of all. He is one who is superior to all His creation to His servants. There is no one great except Al-Azeem. He is the most powerful and has authority of all. He is azeem as He lonely created this entire universe and its creation and then also manages it beautifully. He is the one who is capable of appreciation and thanks. He is the one who manages all His universe with justice and equality. He is infinitely greater than all His servants. He is the one who is the most high and the most great. He is dominant overall His servants and is incomparable.

Al-Azeem is the greatest of all. He is free from any fault or imperfection. No impurities related to Him. Perfection or completeness belongs to Him. He is the most honoured and above any imperfection. His blessings are spread over heaven and the earth. He is the one beyond imagination, even we see His magnificence in the world we live in. He is infinite and tremendous. He is azeem as He showers all His blessings on His servants and on His creation. 

How can you live by the name Al-Azeem? 

Allah calls himself Al-Azeem on eleven occasions in the Quran. Always realize that Al-Azeem is the one who is greater than any problem you have. 

Fill up your scale of deeds by remembering Al-Azeem: When you are free then make it your habit to remember Al-Azeem by saying: Subhan Allahi wa bihamdihi, Subhan Allahil Azeem. These two statements are so close to Al-Azeem. The prophet(PBUH) said that these two statements are heavy on scale and close to Al-Azeem. Make a Habit of yours to recite it daily, even when you are doing your work you can recite this. So increase your good deeds by remembering Allah Al-Azeem. 

Ask Al-Azeem for help in all situations: Al-Azeem is the owner of the entire universe. He is the owner of hardships, challenges or the problems you face. Al-Azeem is the creator of the beautiful sky, all huge mountains. So what do you think? He is not able to solve your problems. Go to Him,ask Him for His help and He will help you all the way. Ask Him for the strength one needs to survive in life.

Don’t fear anyone except Al-Azeem: When you are doing good deeds like raising your voice against bad people then keep in mind that they may stand against you. So when you are doing work for your greatest lord then don’t fear anyone. If Allah doesn’t want that nothing can harm you then believe that no one can harm you. Always believe in your only lord that He is azeem. No one can do nothing without the will of Him. So never fear people and always fear your lord and you will succeed.

Recite Ayatul kursi: Ayatul kursi concludes with the name Al-Azeem, and it is called the greatest. In ayatul kursi the great name of Allah is mentioned. So make it your habit to recite it daily. Because it is like a shield that protects you from harm and danger. Make a habit to recite it before fard prayer and also before sleeping.

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