Al-Awwal meaning

Al-Awwal meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Awwal who is the one pre-existing. The one whose existence is without any beginnings. He is the one who is truly first and there was nothing before Him. 

Al-Awwal meaning in English:

  • The one who is the first
  • The one who is pre-existing
  • The one exist without any beginning
  • The one to which nothing was before Him
  • The one who is truly first
  • The one who is the foremost
  • The one who was before all creation
  • The one who is the cause of everything in existence
  • The one to which none is prior
  • The one who is self-existent
  • The one who is the cause of all that became
  • The one from which everything comes
  • The one before all things
  • The one who preceded all things
  • The one who is the beginning of every thought and action
  • The one who is independent of everything 
  • The one who doesn’t need anyone else
  • The one who is most high and dominant

The first one, the pre-existing: 

Allah is Al-Awwal who is the one first and the foremost. He exists without any beginning. He doesn’t need anyone or anything and is independent. He is the one to which nothing was before Him. He was before all creation and the whole universe. He is the cause of everything in existence. He is the one who has neither beginning nor an end. He is forever lord, who is truly first. His existence has no beginning and He is the one who existed before everything without any limit (beginning). He is the one who preceded all things. There was nothing that existed before Him, because He is the only creator of everything and everyone. He created everything and He is the first cause of existence of everything and every being. He doesn’t need anyone in creating anything and is independent of all.

Al-Awwal is the one pre-existing. There was nothing that existed before, is the one before everyone and everything. He is the pre-existing lord that existed all before and also created this whole universe alone and independently. He is foremost and the first whose existence has no beginning or limit. He is pre-existing that exists before all and there is nothing before Him. He is the one alone lord, creator or the pre-exister. He is perfect and complete in all His attributes and qualities. 

How can you live by the name Al-Awwal? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Awwal, on one occasion in the Quran. Give priority to the commandments of your lord. Be the first in doing good deeds and actions. Live your life by putting Him first and foremost. 

Make Allah “awwal” in your life: We believe that Allah is the first, but you think that you really make Him awwal. We think only about the clothes we wear, food we eat, water to drink etc, but we don’t think about the one who grants us all things. Think about Him firstly and make Him awwal in everything except all things. Make Him your first priority. Pray your prayers on time, keep yourself away from backbiting and read the Quran daily. Fulfil all His commandments and stay away from all that He forbade

Give priority to your prayers: Make a habit of yours to always give first priority to your prayers and the commandments of your lord. Give priority to your prayers, pray your prayers on time. When you make Him awwal then you have to follow His rules and implement His commandments in your daily life activities. Ask Him to help you put your prayers and His commandments first. 

Please Him first and He will beautify you: Allah has granted you many things and blessings in your life, to live it peacefully. So when He grants you there must be your duties to appreciate Him. Do those types of deeds that make Him please. When you put yourself on the way to do good deeds, then He will be pleased. When He gets pleased then He will beautify you with His blessings and unlimited bounties. 

Put the Quran first in your studies: Quran is the holy book that gives you guidance and helps you go on the right path. When you are on the way to gain knowledge of your deen, then read this holy book daily. Make it your habit to recite it daily. Put the Quran first in your studies. Give priority to the Quran to be read firstly, because it is the book only for your benefit and for your guidance in this world. 

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