Al-Aleem meaning

Al-Aleem meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Aleem who has the knowledge of all seen as well as unseen. His knowledge is comprehensive which extends to all directions and He is all knowing. He knows every single thing, and has details of everything.

Al-Aleem meaning in English: 

  • The one who is knower of everything
  • The all knowing
  • The one who is omniscient
  • The all knowledgeable
  • The one from which nothing is hidden
  • The one who knows all secrets
  • The one who has record of everything
  • The one who is perfect in everything
  • The one who is perfect in His knowledge
  • The one who has detail of everything

The all knower, the all perfect in His knowledge:

Al-Aleem is your lord who is great in His knowledge and power. He is the one who has comprehensive knowledge which extends to all seen as well as unseen, to the one that is apparent as well as to the hidden. He is well off, whether it is seen or not.

He has the knowledge that is not compared with anyone’s knowledge in His creation. He cannot forget anything and there is no single thing that is ignored by His notice. He has the most honourable knowledge of all that He has created everything with His own knowledge and power. He created everything so beautifully or perfectly that His creation cannot even understand His unlimited knowledge. He knows the true as well hidden reality of things and knows all secrets.

How can you live by the name Al-Aleem?

On more than 150 occasions Allah called Himself Al-Aleem in the Quran. He has recorded all His properties of everything in a book that is Holy Quran.

Stick to the commands of Al-Aleem: Allah Al-Aleem is the all knowing who has perfect knowledge about everything. If you want to increase your knowledge then stick to the commands of Al-Aleem. Al-Aleem gives you knowledge when you try to gain it and also helps you in every field to attain everything. Al-Aleem’s knowledge is the best divine knowledge so try to gain it because it is best for you, to live a happy peaceful life Knowledge is important. Knowledge is also important to gain success on the day of judgement.

Determination to learn: Be determined to increase your knowledge, especially islamic knowledge. Try to remove ignorance from your surroundings and spread your knowledge so that it may benefit others, in this way Al-Aleem also increases your knowledge. Always search for more and more knowledge because gaining is a form of worship.

Be humble: When you have knowledge about anything especially about your religion, your lord then this makes you humble. You may know how to treat people in a good manner and give them peace. Al-Aleem’s knowledge is the best way to make yourself humble and soft-hearted. Al-Aleem’s ‘ilm lets you know more about Him and also about His whole creation.

Accept what is in your fate: When you have knowledge then this knowledge will melt your heart and make it soft. By having knowledge you learn how to face difficulties, pressure of life, disappointment etc and teaches you to face through all these things. Knowledge tells you that Allah has written your decree with His entire wisdom or knowledge. So you accept things when you know them and also the reasons behind them.

Dua to Al-Aleem to increase your knowledge: Always make a dua to Al-Aleem to increase your knowledge. Make a dua to soften your heart with His divine love and make your heart soft for others. Pray to Him: My lord increase me in knowledge.

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