Al-Alee meaning

Al-Alee meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Alee who is most high and above all. He is the exalted one and no one nothing can be above Him. He is the greatest. 

Al-Alee meaning in English: 

  • The one most high
  • The one who is exalted
  • The one who is above all
  • The one who is absolutely perfect
  • The one who is high in all respects
  • The one who exceeds all others
  • The one whose rank is highest
  • The one from which nothing is high
  • The one who supprasses all that has ever been
  • The one who is superior to all
  •  The one who is the dominant
  • The one whose position and station is high
  • The one who overcomes

The most high, the one above all:

Al-Alee is the most high and exalted. He is the one that is higher to all and no one exceeds Him. Nothing is above His exceed. No one is higher than Al-Alee. He is the one greatest to all. He is absolutely perfect and the best of all. His loftiness is both in His essence and in His attributes. Al-Alee is above all the imperfections and faults. He is most high in His attributes and high in His qualities. He is the one who is dominant and superior to all in all His attributes and qualities. 

Al-Alee is the one who is above all His servants. He is the one who creates this universe and also manages it fully on its own without the help of anyone. Because He doesn’t help, but He helps His servants. He created this universe and things in its surroundings are beautifully created. Humans can’t have the power to even know how He created this universe. He is above all that benefits others without any problem. He is above everyone and everything. He is most high in His position and in His rank. 

How can you live by the name Al-Alee? 

Allah calls Himself Al-Alee, on eight occasions in the Quran. Train yourself to show gratitude and patience to attain the highest paradise. 

Be humble to others: Place Al-Alee in your daily life that no one has in your life. Give Him higher position and rank of which He is absolutely capable of. Train yourself that you submit yourself to Him. Fight with your desires and train yourself to show patience and humbleness in all situations so that you may be close to Him. Try to be humble and patient to please Al-Alee. 

Increase your prayers: When we do a prostrate then at that time we are closest to our lord, in the lowest position we can be in. Muslims prostrate to Allah, as Allah raises one decree in paradise and forgive Him for a sin. The more you prostrate the more you may raise your steps towards jannat, until you reach the highest level, jannat ul Firdous. Make sure that you don’t just prostrate with your body, but prostrate with your heart purely. 

Call upon Al-Alee: Call upon your lord, use this beautiful name of Allah which is Al-Alee in your prayer. Ask Him with highest aspirations for the highest rank in paradise. So always dua Al-Alee to have more and more success in having higher rank in this world as well in the world hereafter.

Use the third part of the night: Al-Alee descends to the lowest part of the heaven each night and says that if there is someone who asks me. So use the third part of the night to ask,ask or ask your lord for your forgiveness, have His mercy on you. Ask Him to forgive you and bless you with His divine love. 

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