Al-Afuww meaning

Al-Afuww meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Afuww who pardons sins or also removes the traces of all faults. He leaves no traces of any faults and sins. He is the one forgiver.

Al-Afuww meaning in English: 

  • The one who is the effacer of sins
  • The one who is the eliminator of sins
  • The one who is the oft-pardoning
  • The one who pardons sins
  • The one who is the pardoner
  • The one who removes all sins
  • The one who leaves no traces of any faults
  • The one who is the most forgiving
  • The one who is willingly giver
  • The one who erases everyone’s sins
  • The one who wipes out the traces of sins
  • The one who never remains behind any single dot of any fault
  • The one who doesn’t remind His creation for their shortcomings
  • The one who spare the feeling of shame
  • The one who treats people good
  • The one who passes over any faults
  • The one who hide or remove all mistakes
  • The one who is gracious in forgiving
  • The tolerant
  • The one implies the forgiving

The pardoner, the one who eliminates sins: 

Allah is Al-Afuww who is the pardoner. He forgives His creation for their sins. He is the one absolute forgiver or pardoner who forgives the sins of the ones who ask Him. He is the tolerant who tolerates the bad deeds and sins, then after that He may forgive them. He forgives His creation, everyone when they ask Him, when they make a dua to Him. He passes over all sins and faults. He is the one who forgives more or grants more than His people make a dua to Him. Al-Afuww is or will always be known for His pardoning. He is the most gracious in His forgiving behaviour. He is the one who doesn’t remind anyone of their shortcomings and their faults. He is the one who is able to make any fault or mistake disappear. 

He is the eliminator of all sins and faults. When anyone commits a sin and after that he wants to get rid of that fault or sin, they ask their lord and then He, the most merciful lord, forgives them. He not only forgives but also removes all the traces or remains of faults. He knows when His people want His forgiveness and when they repent. He erases or removes the marks or stains of all the sins and never reminds His people about their previous sins and mistakes. 

How can you live by the name Al-Afuww: 

Allah calls Himself Al-Afuww, on five occasions in the Quran. Make yourself humble and recognize your faults in every situation. High your aims by not only seeking His forgiveness but pardoning all your sins. 

Don’t remind others of their mistakes: Be the one who never reminds others about their deeds and actions. When we commit a sin or also make a mistake our lord will never remind us about our sin. So be like Him to never make others remind of their bad deeds and actions. 

Increase your love: Allah Al-Afuww is the one who pardons all your sins and you will never find these sins in your record. Love your lord by reciting His Quran and also by staying in the crucial nights. He grants us laylatul qadr, which is any night in the month of ramadan, seek it with your best deeds. Never waste this night and remind yourself about this night and any other nights how beautiful is the pardoning of Al-Afuww. 

Pardon others: Be the one who suppresses their anger and pardons others. Fight against your ego and let yourself out of anger or the previous deeds or actions of others. Never think about the bad deeds and actions of others. Think about good deeds and actions of others. Forget sins and actions of others and pardon others and never take anything in your heart. When someone does wrong with you then think about your sins and the one who you do wrong. Try to pardon others so that Al-Afuww may pardon you. 

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