Al-Adl meaning

Al-Adl meaning or explanation in English

Allah is Al-Adl who is the embodiment of justice. He is the one who is highly fair in His decisions and the one who never oppresses. 

Al-Adl meaning in English: 

  • The one who is utterly just
  • The one who is the embodiment of justice
  • The one who sets matter in equitable manner
  • The one who never oppresses
  • The one judges fairly
  • The one who is highly equitable
  • The one who is enable to do what He does
  • The one who delivers absolute justice
  • The one who is the giver of things to those that deserves
  • The one who puts everything in its proper way.
  • The one who judges righteous

The embodiment of justice, the utterly just: 

Allah is Al-Adl who provides justice to everyone in every condition. He is the one who is able to give justice to all. He deals with all the affairs of His creation. He is an ideal model of justice for His creation, that is how to do justice among people of this world. He is the one who prohibits the misconduct of individuals. Al-Adl judges between His slaves in this world or the world hereafter with justice and equality. He is the one to whom no one can beat in anything. He is the embodiment of justice. 

Al-Adl is utterly just to every creation even from a small ant to a human. He is just to all. He decides everything on the basis of justice and He is just in all conditions. He is just to them in this world or the world hereafter. He delivers justice among His creations with absolute wisdom without any failure. Al-Adl has the attributes of being just and He is just in all that He does. Allah is just and fair, He doesn’t do inequality and doesn’t have anyone more beloved that He may forgive or bless them. He blesses everyone and also gives punishment to everyone. 

How can you live by the name Al-Adl? 

Allah is Al-Adl who is just to all and also gives justice to everyone. 

Trust in Al-Adl at all times: Allah is Al-Adl at all times. When you get injustice and if people are not just to you, then always believe that Allah is the one who is just to everyone at all times. Don’t give up hope and fully rely on the judgement of your lord, because He is the best judge. Be on the right path and follow all what your lord has revealed, because at a fixed time His judgement will come.

Remember Al-Adl and stand up for justice: Keep it in your mind that Al-Adl is the embodiment of justice. So when you see injustice somewhere then raise your voice against injustice, although it is a difficult path to stand. Although people go against you, always do your best and raise your voice. You have to answer your lord at the day of judgement so be prepare yourself and follow His attributes. 

Be motivated to do good deeds: Al-Adl is the ultimate judge and He decreed that you don’t have to bear the sin of others. Al-Adl will never punish you more than the sin you commit and never do any injustice with you at any time. When you do good deeds Allah will bless you more. So be motivated to do good deeds at all, help the creation of your lord and always do whatever is good for others. 

Always be fair in judging others: When Allah gives you the ability of making decisions between two parties, then decide fairly and justly. When you are on the way to decide then remind yourself about the fair or just attributes of Al-Adl. When you remember this then it might help you in deciding better and fair. Don’t decide unfairly because Allah will punish you for it. 

Ask Al-Adl: Always ask Allah Al-Adl at any time of your life. When you have some difficulty and also people are unjust to you then ask your lord. Ask your lord in all conditions, He will listen to you and also pay attention to all your problems. Allah will do justice because He is Al-Adl and just to all.

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